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What a better way for someone to display an achievement than a stunning glimmer of a belt buckle. Each belt buckles is custom and handmade with lettering to your specifications. To make your order we will need about 4 weeks. The buckles measure 3 inches tall by 4 inches wide. The back has a hook for the belt hole and a swivel bar. Each buckles is only an example and will be made to your specifications. For example if you see a team roper as a figurine and you would like a barrel racer we can definitely put that instead. That goes for the lettering also, whatever lettering you need on a buckles we can put it on there. We do not charge per letter.

We have any figurine you may need for the event you need; team roper, barrel racer, swine, chicken, 4-H logo, etc.

Once you have viewed all the of the beautiful trophy buckles and have made note of what you like, please call or email us or use the contact form below to email us. In your email, be sure to include

  • Style number of buckle or buckles you like
  • Any specific instructions about the buckle
  • Lettering you would like to have on the buckle
    1. Top line lettering, bottom line lettering
    2. Lettering, figurines, logos, etc.
  • Phone number to reach you

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